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List of TTT Speakers & Topics

Year - 2014 +
Session Date Unit Resource Person Topics
102-01-2014 ED Office Dr. S. Gomathinayagam Introduction & PPT presented at APCWE-VIII on CWET & Indian Scenario
209-01-2014 WRA Mrs. G. Arivukkodi Assessment of Noise Emission from a Wind Farm - A pilot study in Tamil Nadu
316-01-2014 WRA Mr. Bastin Jeyaraj Validation of accuracy of WAsP in vertical wind shear profile prediction
423-01-2014 R&D Mr. R. Naveen Muthu Instrumentation related to Small Wind Turbine Testing
530-01-2014 WTT Mr. V. Santhosh Kumar Accomplishments and Advances in Wind Energy Technology
606-02-2014 S&C Mr. S. Arulselvan Power regulation technique in wind turbines
713-02-2014 ESD Mr. M. Thirumalai Knowing your operating System-Windows
820-02-2014 ITCS Mr. S.D. Avinash Babhu Energiewende-Germany's Energy Transition
927-02-2014 SRRA Mr. Adhithya Babu Parabolic Trough Collector-Reliable CSP Technology for Power Generation
1006-03-2014 WRA Mr. N. Senthil Kumar Hardware Tools & Equipment Used in WRA
1113-03-2014 R&D Mr. D.S.L. Abishek Solar Applications
1220-03-2014 WTT Mr. S. Paramasivan Techniques to improve the MTTR & MTBF for Wind Turbine Generators
1327-03-2014 S&C Mr. S. Arun Kumar Project Management Techniques
1403-04-2014 ESD Mr. C. Stephen Jeremias Information Technology Security
1510-04-2014 ITCS Ms. S.N. Vinusha Lakshmi National Action Plan on Climate Change
1617-04-2014 SRRA Mr. M. Bala Vignesh Energy Scenario & Solar Policies
1701-05-2014 WRA Mr. G. Vigna Prakash Strategic Development of Software Application to assess wind resources
1805-06-2014 R&D Mr. J. Yuvaraj Wind - Solar Energy Storage based Smart Grid Hybrid System for the future and its challenges
1912-06-2014 WTT Mr. N. Vijayaraj Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of Wind Turbines
2019-06-2014 S&C Mr. N. Rajkumar Advancements in Wind Turbine Technology
2126-06-2014 WTRS Mr. Nishanth Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of Wind Turbines
2203-07-2014 ITCS Mr. S. Rajadurai Resource & Services of CWET Library
2310-07-2014 SRRA Mr. B. Devanathan Quality Control Mechanism of SRRA Data
2431-07-2014 WRA Ms. S. Mary Offshore Wind Technology - Overview
2507-08-2014 R&D Mr. E. Shanmugasundaram Condition Monitoring in Wind Turbines
2614-08-2014 WTT Mr. M. Karuppuchamy Instrumentation for Wind Turbine Measurement
2721-08-2014 S&C Mr. R. Ranjith Applications of Electronic Components in Wind Turbines
2828-08-2014 ESD Mr. T. Vignesh Power Line Communication & its Applications
2909-10-2014 ITCS Mr. S. Manikandan Environmental Aspects of Wind Turbine Technology
3016-10-2014 SRRS Ms. M. Jaylakshmi Calibration and Aspects of Solar Radiation Instruments
3123-10-2014 WRA Mr. Satchidananda Behera Creation of Artificial downdraft for wind power plant
3230-10-2014 WRA Mr. M. Joel Franklin Asaria Wind Energy - A potential resource for a sustainable future

Year - 2015 +
Session Date Unit Resource Person Topics
33 01-01-2015 R&D Mr. S. Sivakumar Optimising wind farms in cold climate
3408-01-2015 WTT Mr. Y. Packiyaraj Equipment protection practices in wind turbine test and measurement
3522-01-2015 S&C Mr. S. Arunkumar Supply Chain Management : An overview
3629-01-2015 ESD Mr. A. Ranjit Kumar National Knowledge Network (NKN) at NIWE
3726-03-2015 ITCS Mr. R. Subramaniyam A case study of NIWE Library : Library resources and Services
3816-04-2015 SRRA Mr. C. Muthu Feasibility Analysis & Design of Solar PV Power Plant
3930-04-2015 WRA Mr. S. Thiyagarajan A noble approach for short term wind power forecasting using SVM regression method
4007-05-2015 R&D Mr. J.C. David Solomon Biomimetic: Nature-Based Innovation for Wind Engineering
4114-05-2015 WTT Mr. A.R. Hasan Ali Wind Farm Project - A Glance
4228-05-2015 S&C Mr. S. Arulselvan An overview on 'LVRT' requirements
4304-06-2015 ESD Mr. S. Sureshkumar Big Data
4418-06-2015 ITCS Mr. M. Joel Franklin Asaria Economic Analysis of the Project
4525-06-2015 SRRA Mr. A.V. Parthiban Calibration of Solar Sensors & Analysis of Solar Radiation Data
4602-07-2015 WRA Ms. S. Nithya Indian Climate
4709-07-2015 OSWH & IB Mr. S. Manikandan Small Wind Turbines and its Applications
4816-07-2015 WTT Mr. Bhukya Ramdas Wake Effects of Wind Turbines and its Impacts on Power Curve Measurements
49 23-07-2015 KS&M Mr. Ankit Dalvi &Mr.S. Siddarth Kumaravadivel Investigation into a novel way to improve Wind Turbine Operation
50 30-07-2015 KS&M Mr. Sourav Majumder, Mr. Sumanta Kumar Mandal, Mr. Rahul Deb Pal & Mr. MVN Surendra Gupta Introduction to a few vital facets in Wind Engineering
51 06-08-2015 S&C Mr.S.Arun Kumar Energy Security: Role of Renewable Energy
52 10-09-2015 ESD Mrs.S.Femina Nasrin Cloud Computing
53 01-10-2015 ITCS Mr.S.Saravana Kumar Energy Management & Audit
54 15-10-2015 SRRA Mr.S.Arunkumar Photovoltaic Principles and Basics of Solar
55 05-11-2015 WRA Mr.Arnald sweshnekhar Overview of Wake models used in Wind Flow Modelling Tools.
56 12-11-2015 OSWH & IB Mr.P.Prithivi rajan Trends in Wind Energy Technology
57 19-11-2015 WTT Mr.M.Saravanan HVDC Transmission for Off-shore Wind Energy
58 26-11-2015 S & C Mr.K. Parasaran Wind Turbine System Materials and their corrosive effects & prevention
59 31-12-2015 ESD Mr.M.Anwar Ali Wind Electric Generators and Types

Year - 2016 +
Session Date Unit Resource Person Topics
60 07-01-2016 ITCS Mrs. N.V.Vinusha Lakshmi "Re-Cycling" of Sustainable Future
6114-01-2016 KS&M Mr. M.R.Gunasekaran "Wave & Tidel Energy" is Sustainable and Predictable
6221-01-2016 SRRA Mr. M. Bala Vigneshwaran Analytical Study of Solar Forecasting with the help of Satellite & Solar Radiation Resource Assessment Data
6303-03-2016 WRA Ms. N. Nishanthini & Ms. S.Sowminipriya CERC - Indian Electricity Grid Code
6410-03-2016 OSWH & IB Mrs. Deepa Kurup Synchro Phasor Measurement
6524-03-2016 S & C Mr. K. Venkatesan Environmental Issues and Economic Impact of Global Warming
6631-03-2016 WTT Mr. S. Paramasivan Improving the Wind Turbine Efficiency by using Boundry Layer Fence
6707-04-2016 ESD Mr. A.Ranjith Kumar & Mr. M.Thirumalai Cyber Threats and Trends
6821-04-2016 ITCS Mr. Ch. Satyajayaram & Ms. R. Indira Solar Flat Plate Collector & Thermal Energy Storage System
6928-04-2016 SRRA Mr. P. Alagu Pandi Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
7012-05-2016 KS&M Mr. M.R. Gunasekaran An Overview of Energy Challenges and Storage Systems
7119-05-2016 WRA Mr. M. Shanmuga Muthukumar Overview of Global Wind Pattern and Indian Monsoon
7226-05-2016 OSWH & IB Mr. D. Avinash Babu Renewable Hybrid System
7302-06-2016 S & C Mr. S. Arunkumar Renewable Energy in India : Status and Potential
7409-06-2016 KS & M Mr. M. R. Sathesh Power Electronics Technology for the next generation Wind Turbine System
7530-06-2016 WTT Ms. R. Monika Renewable Energy Technologies & Smart Grid
7614-07-2016 KS & M Mr. V. Sandeep Breathing New Life into Old Wind Turbines
7721-07-2016 SRRA Dr. Jeyraj Selvaraj Renewable Energy Scenario in Malayasia
7828-07-2016 WTT Mr. M. Saravanan NIWE Code for Fatigue Load Spectra Analysis AS PER IEC/TS 61400 - 13
7904-08-2016 ITCS Ms. D. Chandralekha Mapping and Integration of Renewables for better utilization
8011-08-2016 SRRA Mr. K. Raj Kamal Solar PV Technologies
8106-10-2016 WRA Ms. D. Vidya & Ms. N. Sheela Rani E-Waste & Exploding Issues
8213-10-2016 OW & IB Ms. A. Ajitha FACTS Devices for Wind Power Plant
8320-10-2016 WTT Mr. V. Varadharajan Wind Energy- Perspective of a Power System Engineer
8427-10-2016 S & C Mr. K. Parasaran Economics of Wind Power Generation
8503-11-2016 SRRA Mr. Aravindakshan Ramanan Overview of Green Energy Corridors Project and Renewable Energy Management Centers
8601-12-2016 ESD Mr. C. Stephen Jeremias Internet of Things - An Overview
8722-12-2016 KSM & SWES Mr. M. R. Sathesh Renewable Energy Integration - Challenges & Solutions
8805-01-2017 KSM & SWES Dr. Thi thi soe Wind Potential Assessment in Myanmar