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In the modern resource assessment, Wind and Solar sectors require sophisticated instrumentation and data acquisition systems interfaced with network servers using GPRS, which need to be maintained on 24x7 basis to facilitate resource data collection, storage, retrieval, analysis and processing.

NIWE's infrastructure needs multi-disciplinary engineering services starting with Civil, Electrical, Information Technology including cyber security, planning, maintenance and management. To cater to the above services, a new Engineering Service Division (ESD) has been established during the year.

The Unit would showcase the possible renewable energy mix in the day today energy consumption at NIWE and improve and demonstrate techniques of energy conservation as well as renewable energy penetration.

Management of IT infrastructure including Intranet and Internet facilities with focused attention on cyber security along with uninterrupted power supply.

The unit has coordinated with Finance & Administration wing for recruitment of Project Assistants by designing online application form for submission by the candidates.

Activity on establishing video conferencing facility has been initiated. The technical evaluation of the specification for the establishment of Campus-wide surveillance system is in final stages of completion.

The wind mill water pump was renovated with maintenance works and repainting works to enable the wind mill water pump work efficiently.

Installation of UASBAR 50 KLD bio-gas plant work has been completed and is producing bio gas which is now used in our NIWE canteen.

A new EPABX system has been established by replacing the old one.

A proposal was made to convert the existing off Grid 15 kW SPV power plant to grid tied system.