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The Societal Mission for the unit is Sharing & Managing Knowledge generated within by building on interdisciplinary areas of Electrical/ Mechanical and Simulations. Ingress of new knowledge and skill sets will improve the productivity of the sector & provide the needed traction for the next paradigm shift in Institute's business and consultancy services offered to the wind energy stakeholders by way of practical knowledge transfer and industry specific soft skill development.

Knowledge Aggregation & Dissemination planned through the following outreach programmes:
  1. TTT (Technology Think Tank)
  2. Work Group & Software Training
  3. ROBUST (Research in "Out-of-the-Box" Usable S&T)
  4. DATA (Repository of Wind Farm Data for Research)
  5. GIVE (stakeholder Gifted Information of Value)
  6. STI-FY (Student Internship & Final Year Project)
Technology Think Tank+

TTT is a creative platform organised at NIWE to exchange ideas and encourage nurturing of engineering concepts for the welfare of the bigger community. Every Thursday afternoon an open discussion forum is organised at NIWE's conference hall, where resource person nominated from various units in turn share information on a subject relevant to wind energy environment. After the presentation the hall opens up for discussion and brain storming. Entry is free and open to all including non-NIWE members.

Work Group & Software Training+

A suite of Industry standard renewable Energy related software has been placed at the Work Group lab for usage of all stakeholder communities including NIWE staff. The intention is right capacity building. Initiative aims at human resource skill development and honing skills of professionals working for the renewable energy sector. Students, academic staffs, Project engineers, scientists and other professionals working for the renewable field will have a platform to learn and acquaint with new soft skill which would consequently improve their productivity in their areas of contribution in the wind sector.

Training at regular intervals is provided to NIWE internal staff on software usage from the software OEMs. Presently the Work Group facility can be accessed for the following four areas of soft skill involving analysis, design, simulation and development:

  1. Wind Turbine - Aero Mechanical Design
  2. Wind Resource Assessment & Wind Farm Planning
  3. Electrical & Electronics and Grid Power Quality
  4. Computational Analysis and Simulation

Regular personnel employed with NIWE are provided free access and non-NIWE personnel from renewable energy stakeholder communities can access the facility, for a small fee, which enables NIWE to ensure constant upkeep of the facility.

Research in "Out-of-the-Box" Usable S&T (ROBUST)+

Social innovators and researchers from any stakeholder communities within and out of wind energy sector driven by original ideas and the passion to create the "seen from the unseen" can join hands with NIWE to propose, execute works which would uplift the wind energy sector. Sharing of generated knowledge and creation of facilities would be part of the take-away of such ventures for the wind energy stakeholder community.
The existent NIWE "Request for Proposal" (RFP) format for Research & Development can be used for seeking NIWE support. RFP.

Repository of Wind Farm Data for Research (DATA)+

There is a dearth of wind turbine data for academic research in the open domain. An effort is made now to bridge this by creating a data bank of measurements made at NIWE's Research Wind Turbines. This data will be provided only for academic research under Non-Disclosure Agreement and user is expected to conform to industry standard normalization & sanitization. If Academia requires tailor-made measurements, such measurements can also be undertaken, if feasible, when advance request is given for such requirements.

Stakeholder Gifted Information of Value (GIVE)+

Many other stakeholders associated with Wind Energy hold treasure troves of electronic data. "GIVE" will provide a repository platform for such data, if shared by them, which can be then be accessed by academia for research and knowledge processing for the common good of the Industry. Stakeholders moving out of Wind energy operations/ business can leave information of research value with NIWE for safe keeping and sharing instead of consigning them to erasure where they will become permanently out of reach to anybody.

Student Internship & Final Year Project (STI-FY)+

Engineering Student Projects are allowed as a means of grooming professionals for entry to wind energy sector & allied fields. The applications should be made in advance for shortlisting candidates allowed to carry out projects at NIWE.
NIWE - Academic Associate Programee (AAP) Intenship Programee for UG/PG Students
Application & Rules.

Apprenticeship Training+

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), as a part of "Skill India Mission" is reinvigorating the Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS) establish as a part of apprenticeship Act 1961 to develop skill pool in India. NIWE has registered in the MSDE portal for ATS as an employer to take apprentice. The trades for which apprenticeship are sought is available in the link.
Application Details and Application Link