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OW & IB unit focuses on time-bound, mission oriented research and development programme to achieve and maintain world class reliable and cost effective technology in wind energy system. The unit continues to improve its knowledge and skills through continuous learning to keep pace with state-of-the-art technology and excel through effective networking approaches. The unit carries out in-house R&D and networking in the research and development will be the approach the most of the project. Interaction meeting through R&D institutions, manufacturers, and designers are envisaged as necessary and essential. Strategic collaboration that would assist in the most suitable technological development for the country is nurtured. For the 12th Five Year Plan the R&D activities of NIWE are classified into following thrust areas.

research and development

Also, the OW & IB unit conducts research relevant studies with an objective to improve the performance of the existing wind turbines together with advancement in wind turbine technology.

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