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        R&D supports time bound and mission oriented Research & Development programmes to achieve world class, reliable and cost effective technology in wind power systems. The efforts continue to improve its knowledge and skills through continuous learning to keep pace with state-of-the-art technology and excels through its effective networking with other Academic & Research Institutions.

        ITCS provides excellent facilities for learning, training and out-reach to the public as well as industries to promote wind energy in the country.

        IT of NIWE strives to provide a conducive environment for its people to conduct their e-business with the needed cyber security, planning, maintenance and management.

Research & Development +
Information Training and Customized Service +
Objectives and services
  • To monitor the field performance of wind power systems, sub-systems and components, effectively utilize this feedback for fulfillment of the objectives of the center.
  • To establish and update the data bank on a continuous basis and serve as information center for selective dissemination.
  • To collate and disseminate information from other research activities / institutions.
  • To conduct training programs and workshops.
  • To conduct international / National seminars and conferences.
  • To offer consultancy services to all categories of clients and users in the wind energy sector.