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Research and Development (R&D) +

R&D supports time bound and mission oriented Research & Development programmes to achieve world class, reliable and cost effective technology in wind power systems. The efforts continue to improve its knowledge and skills through continuous learning to keep pace with state-of-the-art technology and excels through its effective networking with other Academic & Research Institutions.

Resource Data Analytics & Forecasting (RDA) +

There are many number of sensors are placed in various locations and at different heights to measure wind and solar parameters and also many numbers sensors are fixed to assess the performance of wind turbines and solar plants . These sensors generating huge amount of data sets. The ubiquitous availability of data has created a paradigm shift from information-poor to information-rich management and impacts virtually every area of modern life. Resource Data Analytics & Forecasting (RDA) supports the industry to analyse the big data obtained from wind and solar resource measurements and wind farm and solar plants to improve wind farm and solar performance.

Ongoing / Upcoming Activities:
  1. Development of Long term wind / solar power forecasting models
  2. Customized Data analytic tools development
  3. Creation of customized Dash boards for data monitoring / analysis
Service Offered:
  1. Allied Wind / Solar resource Data analytics services viz., Data Cleaning, Pre / Post processing of data, Data Management System with customized dashboard as per customer’s requirement.
  2. Exploratory Data analysis and report preparation as per customers requirement
Centre for Excellence in Variable Generation (VG) Forecasting (Wind and Solar Power) +

Penetration of wind generation (infirm power) is increasing day by day on interconnected power systems; hence, system operators are facing increased levels of variability and uncertain power in the grid. The integration of increasing amounts of wind into generation mix requires new tools and practices to ensure the continued reliable operation of the grid. In order to utilize the maximum of wind energy resources and to increase the penetration and evacuation of wind power generation, an accurate wind power forecasting technique is needed. Hence, NIWE has created a state of art in house developed wind power forecasting model to predict the wind power with the help of high-resolution Numerical weather prediction (NWP) model data from National Centre for Medium Range Weather Research Forecasting (NCMRWF) and ISRO – Space Application Centre (ISRO-SAC).

By using the said model, NIWE established a system to predict the wind power up to 7 days ahead to support all the State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) in the country to evacuate wind power / manage the grid efficiently. NIWE is also supporting Indian wind industry by providing wind & solar power forecasting services at affordable cost.

  1. Received “SKOCH Smart Technology award 2015” for the Wind Power Forecasting Project.
  2. NIWE is utilizing Indian NWP model data to predict the wind power
  3. The NIWE’s forecast is largest single regional forecast with 17.9 GW (52%) of Wind across India.
  4. NIWE forecasting services are one of the successful industry relevant projects
  5. NIWE’s forecast helping substantial improvement in wind power evacuation and lesser back down of Wind generators in the State
Ongoing / Upcoming activities:
  1. Centre for Excellence in VG forecasting has been established in NIWE. In this regard, dedicated VG (Variable Generation) Forecasting lab has been set up to provide Forecasting service to all wind-rich states of India.
  2. NIWE has developed In-house Data management system, Indigenous Wind Power Forecasting model, Monitoring System and Forecast simulation tools
  3. Establishment of National Data acquisition system to collect real time WTG operational detail of NIWE.
  4. NIWE signed MoU with various SLDCs to provide forecasting services in upcoming months this would cover about 90% of entire wind installation in the country.
  5. NIWE already signed MoU with Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan SLDC to establish operational wind power forecasting system as a pilot project. NIWE would sign MoU with other RE rich states in couple of months.
Services Offered
  1. VG Pilot Forecasting Services as per customer’s requirement
  2. Operational VG Forecasting Services on commercial basis as per customer’s requirement

Click here to access NIWE’s VG power-forecasting dashboard.