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Indian wind energy sector has been developing into the main stream of industrial activity with active participation of the private sector. About nine wind turbine manufacturers/suppliers with foreign collaborations either as joint ventures or with technology transfer arrangements are installing wind turbines in India. These manufacturers/suppliers, with a few exceptions, are normally supplying wind turbines of the types provided by their principals, which are certified by accredited certification bodies. However, these certificates are issued based on the European site conditions and approval schemes/technical criteria of the country in which they are carried out. In addition, the turbines installed in India undergo major/minor changes to suit Indian conditions. All the major stakeholders expressed the need for establishing the certification facility in India. Accordingly, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has established Standards and Certification (S&C) Unit of NIWE with the technical support and partial financial assistance from DANIDA, Denmark. RISO National Laboratory, Denmark acted as Technical Consultants to establish the Certification expertise in India.

  • To develop and implement certification systems in India
  • To accord type approval / type certification to wind turbines in accordance with Type Approval - Provisional Scheme -TAPS-2000 (amended)
  • To prepare Indian standards on wind turbines
Type Approval - Provisional Scheme - TAPS-2000 (amended)+

TAPS-2000 (amended), the Indian certification scheme for wind turbines, has been prepared by the unit in line with International Standards, while taking into account of the Indian conditions. The scheme was approved and issued by MNRE.

According to TAPS-2000 (amended), the Provisional Type Certification (PTC) of wind turbines can be carried out according to the following three categories:

Category-I : PTC for wind turbine already possessing type certificate or approval.

Category-II :PTC for wind turbine already possessing type certificate or approval, with minor modifications/ changes, including provisional type testing/measurements at the test site of NIWE/Field.

Category-III : PTC for new or significantly modified wind turbine including provisional type testing/measurements at the test site of NIWE / Field.

TAPS 2000 Amended
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