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The Motive+

The aim of National Institute of Wind Energy under its Wind Resource Assessment & Offshore Project is tois to locate wind rich sites in the country through field measurements for the development of wind energy utilization. The data generated thus from all parts of the country is to be consolidated for the preparation of a National wind resource atlas. Apart from this all wind resource related studies on–land and off-shore using other techniques like models and satellite information are also to be used for the exploitation of wind energy.

The Methodology +

Dedicated 20/25/30/50/120m guyed masts with multilevel instrumentation are used for the investigation. Reliable and fully automated instruments that can give the necessary out put for the wind energy resource assessment is being used at the field stations.

The Achievements+
  • Monitored wind speed & direction at 794 sites in the country.
  • Four numbers of 120m tall masts with multilevel instruments were commissioned at four major wind farm locations in the country to assess the wind shear as well as to act as reference stations [1. Akal/Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, 2. Lamba/ Jamnagar in Gujarat, 3. Jagmin/ Satara in Maharashtra, 4. Jogimatti/Chitradurga in Karnataka]
  • Published Wind Energy Resource Survey Vol. V containing wind data of 34 wind monitoring stations in ten states.
  • Published Wind Energy Resource Survey Vol. VI containing wind data of 55 wind monitoring stations with CD in sixteen States/Union Territories.
  • Published Wind Energy Resource survey Vol. VII containing wind data of 26 wind monitoring stations with CD in six states.
  • Published Wind Energy Resource survey Vol. VIII containing wind data of 76 wind monitoring stations.
  • Prepared Micro Survey Reports and Master Plans of 100 potential sites in ten states.
  • Conducted Micrositing / due diligence for more than 1000 MW (total) wind farms in the Country.
  • Indian Wind Atlas has been prepared and published.
The Services+

Under take consultancy services on wind resources assessment, micro survey of wind resources, micro sitting and Detailed Project Report (DPR) for wind farm developments.

Estimated Wind Power Potential in India+

Wind power installable potential of the country has been estimated with reference to Indian Wind Atlas and insitu measurements. On a conservative consideration, a fraction of 2% land availability for all states except Himalayan states, Northeastern states and Andaman Nicobar Islands has been assumed for energy estimation. In Himalayan states, Northeastern states and Andaman & Nicobar Islands, it is assumed as 0.5%. However the potential would change as per the real land availability in each state. The installable wind power potential (name plate power) is calculated for each wind power density range by assuming 9 MW (average of 7D x 5D, 8D x 4D and 7D x 4D spacing, D is rotor diameter of the turbine) could be installed per square kilometer area .

States / UTsInstallable Potential(MW) at 50 m Level
Andaman & Nicobar2
Andhra Pradesh5394
Arunachal Pradesh*201
Himachal Pradesh *20
Jammu & Kashmir *5311
Madhya Pradesh920
Meghalaya *44
Nagaland *3
Sikkim *98
Tamil Nadu5374
Uttarakhand *161
Uttar Pradesh *137
West Bengal*22

* Wind potential has yet to be validated with measurements

Installable potential at 50 m level