International Workshop and Conference on Small Wind Turbine

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International Workshop and Conference on Small Wind Turbine
30th November - 13th December 2018
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India, over the years, has been a trendsetting nation with regard to wind power utilization. Decades of concerted efforts have started to yield gratifying results and today wind power in India stands fourth in the world in terms of installed wind power capacity.

The global market for small wind turbines (SWTs) has been on the rise over the last several years. This is driven by rapidly growing energy demand, varying fossil fuel prices and improved SWT technology, which can be deployed for a diverse pool of applications, both in 'grid-tied' and 'stand- alone' modes. The recorded small wind capacity installed worldwide has reached over 800 MW with approximately China contributing 41 %, USA 30 % and UK 15 %. Based on the world distribution of turbine manufacturers, the production of small wind remains concentrated in China, North America and several European countries. Developing countries continue to play a minor role in small wind manufacturing.

In India, with the increasing awareness on climate change and greening of grid across the country, India could benefit significantly from exploiting the potential of micro-generation technologies that can meet energy needs under the distributed generation mode, so as to provide long-term solutions. Small Wind turbine system is useful for Off-grid / Mini-grid / Micro-grid / distributed renewable energy based electricity generation in rural areas/ un- electrified areas / complex terrains or areas falling under low wind regime. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has been implementing programmes to promote small wind turbines system all over India including low wind speed region also. As on March 2017, a cumulative total of 1516 nos. of water pumping windmills and an aggregate capacity of 3289 kW of aero-generators / hybrid systems are installed across India.

Though Small Wind Energy and Hybrid Systems Programme has been in place in India through MNRE, Government of India, since 1994, lack of trained manpower in small wind turbine sector as compared to large wind turbine sector is seen as an impediment to sustained the growth. A need for strengthening the supply chain exists in the sector to make sales & service affordable. It is, therefore, necessary for creating the skilled human resources and the know-how to produce the wind turbine systems through conducting trainings and Hands-on workshops especially on small wind turbine is the need of the hour. Further, such distributed systems will be one of the most viable renewable technology for States having low and moderate winds and areas falling under complex terrain, where they can be good supplement to existing sources of energy.

In order to support the strong development of a small wind turbine industry, NIWE with the support of MNRE has already established a Small Wind Turbine Laboratory at NIWE and has conducted special training course for National and International participants. These training was mechanics, ITI and Diploma holders as well as for Engineers to train them in manufacturing the Small Wind Turbines with the local and low cost materials. The training was conducted with the support of engineers of MinVayu, Auroville, Tamil Nadu near Puducherry, who are doing similar training course for the rural people for a long period. The aim was to create technicians for installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance of small wind turbines. With this experience, NIWE is in the process of developing an advanced research and manufacturing Makerspace at Kayathar, Tamil Nadu for small wind turbine development. This is a cornerstone of a capacity buildup to fulfill the needs of rural wind turbine development. With the establishment of the Makerspace, NIWE is proposed to conduct an International Workshop and Conference on Small Wind Turbine, which is unique and first of its kind in the country. This Workshop and the Conference is sponsored by MNRE, conducted by NIWE in association with Wind Empowerment, a charitable incorporated organization registered in United Kingdom open-source design and global project development knowhow. This workshop and conference would be open Indian entrepreneurs, scientists and rural development champions along with international participants. This global effort in technology transfer and collaboration wants to include a broad assortment of players in the rural development, educational, entrepreneurial and research areas that working together can expand and scale small wind turbine deployment all over India and the world.

Aim of the Workshop

The International workshop and conference will bring a wide national & international audience under one umbrella to build, learn and compare global small wind turbine know-how. The main objective of the conference is the exchange of open source technical advances, share experiences and discuss global best practices to enable the technology to expand rural wind electrification globally, with a particular emphasis on India. The hands on building sessions can be a catalyst to launch a strong national program to have builders start local entrepreneur hubs to serve low windy regions of India. Creating a network of wind turbine installers, will facilitate the scaling up of the technology in remote rural India with an emphasis on productive solutions. This will also leverage the localized research solutions that continues to shape and sustain this rapidly evolving sector.

Need of the Small Wind Turbine Technology

Small wind turbine (SWT) technology can be a meaningful contributor to the energy security, strategic technology and long-term economic growth. Small wind turbines are a “distributed” generation source with a very attractive near-term potential for low-cost, rapid growth. The technology matches and can be complementary to solar & Mini- hydro in a hybrid environment.

Programme Venue
Hands-on workshop on small wind turbine technology30.11.201809.12.201810 DaysKayathar, Tamil Nadu
International small wind Empowerment conference10.12.201813.12.20184 DaysChennai, Tamil Nadu
Workshop Sessions

Sessions will involve experts demonstrating their practical experiences building Small wind turbine components. There will be pre-recorded time-lapsed movies, pictures, graphs and sufficient visual aids to help understand the best procedures for manufacturing components / parts of Small Wind Turbines. The sessions are hands-on trainings where components will be manufactured by the participants with the guidance of national and international practitioners, who has years of experiences. This practical session will be conducted at the Small Wind Turbine Laboratory of NIWE at WTRS / WTTS, Kayathar. The hands-on training workshop will include building, installing and filming the manu-facturing process, coil winding, testing, commissioning of different equipment as well as the demonstration of advanced manufacturing techniques, use of digital manufacturing processes and fabrication of electronics components related to SWT systems.

International Wind Empowerment Conference

The conference involves different Lectures and Poster presentations that cover the dissemination of experiences globally with small wind turbine development, especially in developing countries and how these experiences can be applied to India and other developing countries. Discussions about education, market assessment, and sustainability would be a part of it. The sessions will provide a valuable platform for the creation of collaborative projects between international and domestic member organizations taking on the electrification challenge for urban and rural habitats in complex terrains and low windy States. The conference will take place at NIWE, Chennai.

Targeted Participants


  1. Industry personnel
  2. Technical Experts in SWT
  3. Innovators
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Students and researchers currently working in SWT
  6. Mechanics and technicians based in rural areas


  1. Industry Personnel
  2. Technical Experts in SWT
  3. Innovators
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Faculty
  6. Research Scholars / Students working in SWT
  7. R&D Institution
  8. SNA’s
  9. Mechanics and technicians based in rural areas
Training Methodology

The official language of the Workshop and Conference will be in English.

  • Manufacturing of different components at Makerspace
  • Class room lectures including exercises and case studies to stimulate active participation and dialogue.
  • Practical classes at different laboratories
  • Hands-on working on wind energy equipment
  • Panel discussion
Workshop Themes
  • Rapid manufacturing of SWTs
  • Fiberglass Wind-blade Manufacturing workshop
  • Modular power electronics from bottom-up
  • Building a CNC router and Plasma cutter
  • Build large format 3D printer using local materials
  • Wooden modular tower
  • Analog charge controller
  • Datalogger
  • Maintenance of a small wind turbine
  • Bench testing Wind-Electric Water pumping system
  • Build Wind / PV Hybrid Pump Drive
Conference Themes

Posters are invited for the conference on the following topics:

  • Education & Training: Providing tools to facilitate training on small wind turbines
  • Delivery Models: International Best practices in the implementation of wind rural electrification
  • Technology: Developing technological innovations related to small wind systems
  • Maintenance: How to keep a small wind turbine working properly
  • Measurements: Development and deployment of electronic measurement equipment
  • Policy: For sustainable growth of SWT sector
Call for Posters

Original research articles broadly within the scope of the conference topics, written in English language, are invited as Posters. The programme of the conference will be made available in NIWE website. Authors will have to sign a declaration of originality at the time of final submission. The authors should submit abstract of the Poster before the deadline. The abstract should be concise and clearly state the results, aims, key compo-nents of the research topic with key words. The name of the author making the presenta-tion should be underlined. At least one of the authors must register for presentation as poster.

The poster template should be submitted in word (.doc) and PDF (*.pdf) files by one of the authors of the Poster to the E-mail Id: A specified format will be provided in NIWE website shortly.

Important Dates

Events Dates

International Hands-on workshop on Small wind Turbine Technology 2018 : 30th November to 9th December
International Small Wind Turbine Empowerment Conference : 10th to 13th December 2018

Poster Submission Dates

Abstract Submission: September 30, 2018
Notifications of Abstract Acceptance: October 19, 2018
Specified format Submission: October 31, 2018
Last Date for Registration: November 05, 2018

The resource persons for the training course will be international Practitioners, Innovators across the globe and scientists / engineers of NIWE, SWT Manufacturers and Experts, who have contributed significantly to the development of small wind turbine technology. Practical trainings in design, construction and maintenance of small wind turbines will be provided by national and international experts supported by NIWE and the Wind Em-powerment Association.

Registration Fee

Registration fee includes conference kits, working Lunch and tea / coffee and no accommodation and local travel will be provided.

Programme itemsRegistration fee per participant
Workshop*INR 15000 + GST
ConferenceINR 6000
Workshop & ConferenceINR 20000

*Accommodation and local hospitality will be provided to the applicants recommended by State Nodal Agency (SNA) from NE region, Sikkim, Kargil, Leh-Ladakh and registration fee will be exempted to all the candidates recommended by State Nodal Agencies. Each State Nodal Agency (SNA) from NE region, Sikkim, Kargil, Leh-Ladakh shall recommend a maximum of five candidates along with their application and SNAs of other States shall recommend a maximum of two candidates along with their applications to NIWE, Chennai for attending the hands-on workshop on small wind turbine.

Registration Procedure

The Registration form should be submitted before the deadline. Kindly send your nomi-nation / participant details to The registration form can be down-loaded from the NIWE website (

For Indian Residents: The duly filled-in registration form along with the registration fees in Demand Draft drawn from any Nationalized Bank in favour of “NATIONAL INSTI-TUTE OF WIND ENERGY” payable at Chennai.

For Foreign Residents: The registration fees to be remitted through ’Wire Transfer’ to “NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF WIND ENERGY” (details will be published in NIWE website). The duly filled-in registration form along with proof of money transfer to be submitted.

Conference Sponsor and Exhibitors Opportunities

The Conference offers the opportunity to become a conference sponsor and /or exhibitor. Those interested to participate as a sponsor or exhibitor may contact the organizer.

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Sponsor: Rs.5.00 lakh
Gold Sponsor: Rs.3.00 lakh
Silver Sponsor: Rs.2.00 lakh
Bronze Sponsor: Rs.1.00 lakh

Exhibition of Products and Services

The Conference provides opportunity for Exhibition to display the products and services to professionals and stakeholders from across the wind industry. Stall Size: 3 square metre will be made available for early birds since space is limited. Those who need stalls may ask for booking forms and rules.

Travel and Accommodation

Kayathar is a town in Thoothukudi district in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It is situated along National Highway 7 (NH7) between Tirunelveli and Kovilpatti. Kayathar is 2 hours south of Madurai and is only served by road service.
By Air: The Tuticorin Airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 50 Km from Kayathar.
By Train: Tirunelveli is the nearest Major Railway Station that connects to maximum number of station in India.
By Car: Kayathar can be reached through NH 44 by road.

Course Coordinator

Dr. P. Kanagavel
Additional Director
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Mobile: +91-9445798007
Fax: 044 - 22463980
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Shri. A. Hari Bhaskaran
Deputy Director (Technical), R&D
National Institute of Wind Energy
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