Monthly Remuneration of Scientists, Officers and Employees and System of Compensation

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S. No. Name of the employee Designation Scale of pay
General Management
1 Dr. S. Gomathinayagam   Director General Rs.37400-67000
2 Shri D. Lakshmanan   Deputy Director General (Admin/Finance) Rs.37400-67000
3 Shri R. Girirajan   Assistant Director (F&A) Rs.15600-39100
4 Ms. K. Tamilselvi   Administrative & Accounts Officer Rs.9300-34800
5 Ms. Anuradha Babu   Executive Staff Officer Rs.9300-34800
6 Ms. B. Muthulakshmi   Executive Secretary Rs.9300-34800
7 Shri V. Shanmugam   Executive Assistant Rs.9300-34800
Ms. J. Rekha   Junior Executive Assistant Rs.5200-20200
9 Shri. M. Selvakumar   Record Keeper Rs.5200-20200
10 Shri. M. Malaravan   Transport Co-ordinator Rs.5200-20200
Offshore/Small Wind Hybrid System and Industrial Business
11 Shri. Rajesh Katyal   Deputy Director General & Head (OSHW & IB) Rs.37400-67000
12 Ms. Deepa Kurup   Deputy Director (Technical) Rs.15600-39100
13 Shri. R. Naveen Muthu   Junior Engineer Rs.9300-34800
Wind Resource Assessment
14 Shri. K. Boopathi   Additional Director & Head (WRA) Rs.15600-39100 
15 Shri. A. Hari Bhaskaran   Deputy Director (Technical) Rs.15600-39100
16 Shri. A. G. Rangaraj   Deputy Director (Technical) Rs.15600-39100
17 Shri. J. Bastin   Assistant Director (Technical) Rs.15600-39100
18 Ms. M.C.Lavanya   Assistant Director (Technical) Rs.15600-39100
19 Ms. G. Arivukkodi   Assistant Engineer Rs. 9300-34800
20 Shri. T. Sureshkumar   Assistant Engineer Rs. 9300-34800
21 Shri. B. Krishnan   Assistant Engineer Rs.9300-34800
22 Shri. R. Vinod Kumar   Junior Engineer Rs.9300-34800
23 Shri. K. A. Haji Abdhul Ibrahim   Daftary Rs.5200-20200
Wind Turbine Testing
24 Shri. S. A. Mathew   Director & Head (WTT) Rs.15600-39100
25 Shri. M. Saravanan   Assistant Director (Technical) Rs.15600-39100
26 Shri. Bhukya Ram Das   Assistant Director (Technical) Rs.15600-39100
27 Shri. M. Karuppuchamy   Assistant Engineer Rs.9300-34800
28 Shri. A. R. Hasan Ali   Assistant Engineer Rs.9300-34800
29 Shri. Y. Packiyaraj   Assistant Engineer Rs.9300-34800
30 Shri. S. Paramasivan   Junior Engineer Rs.9300-34800
Standard & Certification
31 Shri. A. Senthil Kumar   Director & Head (S&C) Rs.15600-39100
32 Shri. N. Rajkumar   Deputy Director (Technical) Rs.15600-39100
33 Shri. S. Arulselvan   Assistant Engineer Rs.9300-34800
Engineering Services Division (ESD)
34 Shri. M. Anvar Ali   Director & Head (ESD) Rs.15600-39100
35 Shri. C. Stephen Jeremias   Assistant Engineer Rs.9300-34800
Information, Training & Commercial Services
36 Shri. P. Kanagavel   Additional Director & Head (ITCS) Rs.15600-39100
37 Shri. Joel Franklin Asaria   Additional Director Rs.15600-39100
Wind Turbine Research Station (WTRS), Kayathar
38 Shri. A. Mohamed Hussain   Deputy Director General & Head (WTRS) Rs.37400-67000
Solar Radiation Resource Assessment Cell (SRRA)
39 Dr. G. Giridhar   Deputy Director General & Head (SRRA) Rs.37400-67000
40 Shri. Prasun Kumar Das   Assistant Director (Technical) Contract Rs.15600-39100
41 Shri. R. Karthik   Assistant Director (Technical) Contract Rs.15600-39100
Knowledge Sharing and Management
42 Shri. J.C. David Solomon   Additional Director & Head (KSM) Rs.15600-39100
43 Shri. M. R. Gunasekaran   Executive Secretary Rs.9300-34800