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As per the present NIWE Wind-Solar Data Policy the Time series data from the WRA and SRRA stations can be downloaded from the link free of cost. Any other format than indicated, can be provided on consultancy basis only.

Procedure to download Wind & Solar data from NIWE data portal

Wind & Solar time series data can be downloaded at free of cost in text file format and the user has to rework the data as per their requirement. NIWE shall not change the file format.

Steps to download the data
  1. Visit NIWE web site
  2. Register a portal by filling the online registration form by clicking the link signup in the login page. Online user registration page will open.
    1. Validate the mobile number by clicking the send verification code button in the online registration page
    2. After filling all the information, click “Register” button, user will receive the Activation E-mail by NIWE
    3. User has to verify the E-mail by clicking the link available in the activation E-mail received by him
  3. After Activation of the A/C, user has to login the portal with username and password entered during registration along with Captcha
  4. After login, in the top right corner, there will be a link viz “Switch to Basic view” and the user has to click the said link to select the state.
  5. After the selecting the state, click “show station button”
  6. Select Solar Monitoring Data picture.
  7. User may select the solar monitoring station from the populated list and click “download data” button
  8. After selecting purpose of download and required data period
  9. User shall read and agree and the terms and condition and enter Captcha
  10. Then click the “download data” button to start downloading the selected data
  11. A Temporary data download link will be generated and user has to click the “download” link to download the data
  12. Password to open the data file will be sent to registered E-mail / mobile number
  13. Using “Winrar” software, user can extract the data.