Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav - 2022-23 to commemorate the 75 years of progressive Independent India

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Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav
to commemorate the 75 years of progressive Independent India
Report of the Sixth Event
For Engineering Graduate Students

NIWE with the support of MNRE has scheduled sixteen events to commemorate 75 years of progressive Independent India (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav).

The sixth event, “RE Camp at Kayathar for Engineering Graduate Students” was successfully conducted during 6th to 10th February 2023.

The announcement about the event along with the instructions and venue were hosted on NIWE website and circulated through Social Media pages along with the below given Flyer.


Against the announcement, 58 registrations were received and 34 students were shortlisted and 29 participants have attended the camp at Kayathar.

Sl No Date Time Activity
1 06-02-2023 to 10-02-2023 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM Registration
About NIWE
Topics are covered in the following areas :
  • Introduction to Wind Energy Technology
  • Overview of Wind Turbine Components
  • Electrical System in Wind Turbines
  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • The Aerodynamic aspects of Wind Turbine
  • Control and Protection System in Wind Turbine
  • Wind Resources Assessment & Techniques
  • Design and Layout of Wind farms
  • Site selection for Wind Monitoring Stations
  • Economic Analysis of Wind Power Development
  • Installation and Commissioning of Wind Turbine
  • Operation and Maintenance aspects of Wind Farms
  • Wind Turbine Testing & Measurement Techniques
  • Certification of Wind Turbine
  • Grid Integration of Wind Turbines
  • Forecasting of Wind and Energy Production
  • Overview of Wind Turbine Research & Testing Station facilities
  • Field visit to Large & Small Wind Turbine Testing Facilities
  • Field visit to Wind Monitoring Station
  • Field visit to Wind – Solar Hybrid system
  • Field visit to Sub- station

RE camp created awareness and provided a good foundation on the principles of engineering besides wind energy technology and its operations in the field during all the seasons. The camp was very helpful to the participants and created a valuable forum for dialogue and open exchange of views.

The participants got knowledge about the wind energy technology, wind resource assessment, aerodynamic technology, wind components, wind electrical generator and operations of wind turbine through classroom lectures. They also got added knowledge practically, through field visit of wind monitoring station, wind farm, research and testing facilities of large and small wind turbines and substation. On the last day, the participants have been asked to present a PPT about what they have learned about the aspects of Wind Turbines in the RE Camp. They presented and explained the key takeaways of the RE Camp which was grasped from the classroom lectures, practical classes and Field Visits. Participation certificates were distributed to the participants at the end of the RE camp during the valedictory function.

The structure and organization of the RE camp was highly appreciated by the participants voiced through their feedback. The participants were very much satisfied by the quality of the content they got from the training and expressed thanks to NIWE and MNRE for arranging the free RE camp under this programme.

Participants Introduction

Classroom Lectures

Practical Classes & Field Visit
Explaining the working principle of Wind Turbines
Participants infront of 2 MW Wind Turbine Witnessing the test facility of Wind Turbine
Learning to wear safety belt for climbing Participant climbing up the Met mast
Participant climbing up the Met mast

Presentation by Participants on the course covered
Valedictory Function and Certificate Distribution

Group Photo - visiting Wind Farm &
and Hybrid System at the WTTS, NIWE, Kayathar