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The various SDT activities and services are:+

NIWE is the only premier institute of its kind in India and perhaps in developing countries and it is NIWE’s responsibility to speed up wind energy development not only in the country but also in neighbouring and developing countries. As a part of such activities, the Skill Development and Training (SDT) Division (formerly Information, Training and Customized Services (ITCS Unit), as a focal point for information dissemination and training programmes to create skilled and trained manpower for wind sector by establishing and providing excellent facilities for learning and training also reaching out to the public to promote wind energy in the country.

Achievements +
  • Conducted 53 National training courses and trained over 2000 participants.
  • Conducted 42 International training courses and trained more than 900 professionals from 100 Countries.
  • Established and rolled out 5 editions of IREDA-NIWE Annual Awards for Wind Energy from the year 2018 to 2022.
  • Published Annual Report of NIWE from the year 2002-03 to 2019-20.
  • Published 64 issues of “PAVAN”, a well-received quarterly bilingual Newsletter of NIWE.
  • Global Wind Day being celebrated from 2009 with various events being conducted every year.
  • Established and managing Prof. Anna Mani Information Centre, a well-resourced computerized Library of NIWE.
  • Established IT facilities and Services (from 2003 to 2012)
  • Established a well-equipped modern Conference and Seminar hall with sophisticated audio-visual systems.
  • Prepared Master and ITI level Course Syllabus exclusive for Wind Energy.
  • Received sanction from MNRE to roll out Vayumitra Skill Development Programme to train 5010 participants and 690 trainers.
  • Received Provisional Recognition for Awarding and Assessing Agency from NCVET conducting training courses.
  • Conducted International Workshop on SWT with 120 participants from 38 countries in 2018
  • Conducted International Conference on SWT with 250 participants from 38 countries in 2018.
International Training Courses+

NIWE to its credit had successfully conducted, 42 International Training Courses, wherein more than 900 professionals from 100 countries have been trained. NIWE has been conducting International training courses since 2004 with the support of MNRE and since 2010 conducts training courses for Indian Technical and Economic Co-operation (ITEC) partners courtiers also for African Countries under ITEC and Africa India Forum Summit – II & III respectively with the support of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India. The following are the broad areas of the training courses for different clients and countries;

Title of the training courses

  • Wind Energy Technology
  • Wind Turbine Technology & Applications
  • Wind Turbine Testing and Wind Farm Micro siting
  • Wind Resource Assessment and Wind Farm Planning
  • Wind and Solar Resource Assessment
  • Design, Installation & Maintenance of Small Wind Turbine
  • Solar Resource Assessment and Development of Solar Power Plant

For following clients and countries

  • BIMSTEC / ASEAN countries
  • Cuban Scientists
  • AOI Engineers from Egypt
  • ITEC/SCAPP partner countries
  • African Countries
  • ASEAN Countries
  • Uganda Officials

The training details are made available in International Training Page

National Training Courses+

The NIWE has pioneered in promoting Wind Energy and has contributed for promotion of wind energy as one of the primary energy sources in India. NIWE to its credit had conducted 53 national training courses on self-financed and MNRE supporting mode and trained over 2000 professionals from all part of the countries.

Decades of concerted efforts have started to yield gratifying results and with the vast experience, we have an obligation to disseminate the knowledge learnt to foster growth of wind energy across globe. For this purpose, National Training Courses are proposed and conducted every financial year to address all aspects of wind energy starting from introduction to wind and its technology, wind resource assessment, installation & commissioning and operation maintenance of wind farms along with financial aspects and testing & certification of wind turbines in a focused manner. NIWE also conducts customized training courses in all aspects of wind energy technology and wind farm project developments based on the requirements of the clients

The training details are made available in National Training Page

NIWE Newsletter PAVAN+

Publishing a newsletter is a finest way of initiating awareness and disseminating information. NIWE (formerly C-WET) is the only institute of its kind in the developing countries and a technical focal point to accelerate wind energy development in our country.

The awareness creation and information dissemination of the activities & role of the center as well as local & global developments in the wind energy sector are essential need of the day. It was therefore, decided to bring out a quarterly newsletter “PAVAN” for C-WET in the year 2003. The first issue was published in July 2004 and till now 64 issues of PAVAN has been published continuously. All the issues of the PAVAN are made available in Newsletter an easy downloadable form.

NIWE Annual Report+

Published NIWE’s bi-lingual Annual Report from the year 2002-03 to 2019-20, which acts as Information resource on NIWE activities and services during each financial year. Also Collection and Compilation of NIWE input for MNRE Annual Report is done every year.

Prof. Anna Mani Centre, the NIWE Library+

NIWE Library was started in the year 2002 and was initially under Research & Development Unit (R&D Unit). The Library facilities were handed over to SDT Division (formerly ITCS Unit) on September 2003 with 137 books and 4 numbers of subscribed periodicals. Every effort is being made to strengthen the Library by adding literatures related to wind energy in particular and renewable energy in general with allied subjects and having about 2200 books. NIWE’s Library has also subscribed to all major National and International Journals & Magazines related to wind energy and other allied engineering disciplines. It is also having 345 technical reports and 415 conference proceedings and other information resources like Wind Atlas, data books, Maps, Manuals, souvenirs and Digital resources, etc.

To maintain the Library resources for easy and faster retrieval to offer the services effectively, NIWE Library has been computerized by using Library Automation Software “AutoLib”. The NIWE users can easily identify the availability & status of the Library Resources (books and periodicals) through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) @ http://library/cwet. The newly arrived books and periodicals are being updated as and when the resources are received.

Outreach Activities+

SDT Division participates Academic, National and International events and Exhibitions by establishing NIWE Stall and disseminate the activities and services of NIWE and Wind Energy technologies to the visitors of the exhibitions to create awareness as well as to promote business development for NIWE. The NIWE Stall has received Best Stall Award in the 102 Indian Science Congress.

Industrial Visit+

The SDT Division handles the Industrial visits by school / college students and various special visitors.

Publishing of NIWE Information Brochure+

To create awareness and disseminate NIWE’s activities and services correctly to all its clients, the NIWE Information Brochure is periodically updated, designed and printed as and when required to be distributed to all the visitors at office as well as during events / meeting / trainings / conference / exhibitions.

Establishing and Maintenance of Conference & Seminar Hall Facilities+

To organize training programmes, conference and seminars, a well-equipped modern Conference Hall with a sophisticated audio-visual systems established with a capacity of 90 seats and a Seminar Hall with 25 seats capacity. The facilities were managed well enabling the training and meeting to happen smoothly.


The IREDA-NIWE Annual Awards for Wind Energy has been instituted in the year 2018 from the Corpus fund created by IREDA based on the MoU signed between NIWE and IREDA. Since then, the arrangements related to the Award is done by the SDT Division of NIWE. The Awards were established in the year 2018 and till now rolled out 5 editions.

  • Established Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Renewable Energy Laboratory has been established one at NIWE, Chennai and another at WTTS, Kayathar with the equipment’s given in the below picture to carryout experiments and research and also to demonstrate practically to the training participants to understand the Renewable Energy technologies.

    Wind Turbine Emulator Wind Energy Training System PV Training & Research System
    Solar Thermal Training System (Flat Plate Collector Based system) Solar PV Grid Tied Training System Thermal Energy Storage Training System
    Solar Concentrator Training System Solar PV Emulator

  • Established Small Wind Turbine Laboratory
  • Established a Small Wind Turbine Laboratory, one at NIWE, Chennai and another at Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed University) during 2017 under the sponsorship of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. After establishing the Laboratory, successfully conducted two Capacity Building program on Design, Installation and Maintenance of Small Wind Turbine for 50 participants where in ITI, Diploma, Engineers and rural mechanics participated with the aim of creating skilled man power for the Small Wind turbine sector. Also three International Training courses conducted on Design, Installation and Maintenance of Small Wind Turbine wherein about 100 international participants of ITEC and AIFS training courses and other participants from about 40 countries participated and gained practical knowledge on SWT manufacturing by hand on working with low cost and locally available materials useful for the rural development.

Student Internship / Project +

To encourage students to choose renewable energy as their career option, NIWE will provide 25 Internships in the field of renewable energy every year. The internship will be called as “NIWE- Academic Associate Programme (AAP)”. NIWE-AAP will provide opportunities for the students to work with scientists/engineers on NIWE's projects

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