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Prof. Anna Mani Information Centre

The Library is an important source of information to the NIWE for its development. NIWE library has been named as "Prof. Anna Mani Information Centre". NIWE library provides effective information support in different activities to the NIWE. The library is being strengthened regularly by adding more books, periodicals (Indian and foreign journals and magazine), standards, reports and etc. The collection is mainly on the subjects like wind energy, renewable energy, energy, sustainable energy and related subjects like electrical, electronics, mechanical and environmental sciences and has good collection in general and computer books also.

List of periodicals (Journals & Magazines) in Prof. Anna Mani Information Centre
Wind Energy+
Sl.No International National
1 Wind Power Monthly InWind Chronicle
2 Wind stats Newsletter Wind Energy -News Clipping
3 Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics Journal of Wind Engineering
4 Wind Engineering
5 Wind Energy
6 New Energy
7 Sun and Wind Energy
8 Wind System Magazine
Renewable Energy+
Sl.No International National
1 Renewable Energy India Green File
2 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews South Asia Green File
3 Refocus (International Journal of Renewable Energy Magazine) Energy Future
4 Solar Energy
Sl.No International National
1 Energy World Annual Review of Energy Environment and Resources
2 Energy and Environment Infraline Plus
3 ASCE Journal of Energy Engineering Energy n Manager
4 IEEJ Energy Journal
5 IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
7 IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement
8 IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
9 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
10 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
11 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
12 IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
Sl.No National
1 Current Science
2 Resonance (Journal of Science and Education)
3 Electronics For You
4 IALA Bi-Annual Journal
5 Power Line
6 Electrical India
7 Indian Journal of Science and Technology
8 Green Construction +Design
9 i-scholarSDMIMD Journal of Management
10 Down to Earth
11 Research Alert
12 Industrial Angles
13 Book Alert
14 Article & Web Alert
14 American Information Resource Centre - SPAN
14 Right to Information Reporter
Sl.No National
1 IIT Madras
2 Anna University
3 AIRC - American Information Resource Centre

Total Number of Books

Total Number of Books 1743
Donated Books 457
Standards (Hard Copy & CD ROM) 186
Annual reports 116
Conference Proceedings 343
Technical Report 309
Non-Book Materials 154
Periodicals 46
International Journa 19
International Magazine 5
National Journal 13
National Magazine 9
Membership 3
Periodicals (Online ) 20
News Paper 13
Total 3402