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R&D Unit of NIWE was established with the aim of addressing the specific purpose of supporting time bound and mission oriented research and development programmes to achieve and maintain world class, reliable and cost effective technology in wind power systems. The Unit continues to improve its knowledge and skills through continuous learning, to keep pace with the State-of-the-Art Technology and excel through innovative approaches. The Unit carries out in-house R&D and coordinates research and development programs through effective networking with academic institutions, industry, experts and consultants working in a wide spectrum of disciplines for the benefit of wind energy sector.

  • Industrial Research & Acadamic Interaction (IRAI) MoU -    
  • NIWE being the model institution in the entire Asia-pacific accordingly to demonstrate the renewable energy technologies and also to conduct research relevant activities, the following facilities has been established
    1. 2 MW Variable speed wind turbine
    2. 600 kW constant speed Wind Turbine
    3. 200 kW constant speed wind turbines
    4. 5 kW wind solar hybrid system
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Establishment of Pan-India Research Network

Pan-India Research Network has been established at NIWE where all the OEM’s of WT’s, researchers and institutions conducting work in Wind engineering/ Technology to be brought to one common platform, which will open an indigenous research network in India. The intention is to create the hub of synergy for all wind related research in India, where Industry identified issues will be taken up for research by a consortia of Academia with support from MNRE through NIWE.