Procedure for purchasing the Time Series Wind/Solar Data

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General Purchase Guidelines:
  1. NIWE is authorized to sell the raw/processed data for both Indians and Foreign Buyers and the amounts received will be credited in the NIWE accounts.
  2. Data provided to parties would be for their exclusive use only and under no circumstances, these data, in full, part or in any other form, is to be disclosed/distributed/copied/reproduced/transferred to other agencies either electronically or in physical form.
  3. The cost of various Wind/Solar Data products are as follows

The cost for Wind data product is as follows:

S.NO Data Product Amount (Rs)* (Except GST)
Commercial Entities Academic and Indian Institutions
1 Ten minute-per year-120M mast 2.5 Lakhs 1.25 Lakhs
2 Ten minute-per year-100M mast 2.0 Lakhs 1.0 Lakhs
3 Ten minute-per year-80M mast 0.55 Lakhs 0.275 Lakhs
4 Ten minute-per year-50M mast 0.25 Lakhs 0.125 Lakhs
5 Ten minute-per year-20M mast 0.20 Lakhs 0.10 Lakhs

The cost for various Solar data products are as follows:

Sl.No Data Product Amount (Rs)* (Except GST) Foreign Users ($)
Commercial Entities Academic and Research Indian Institutions
1 One minute, 10 minute, hourly ASCII data -per day 250 125 10
2 Monthly & daily average data - based on one minute data - per month 2,500 2,500 70
3 One minute, Ten minute, hourly data (ASCII) -per month 6,250 3,125 125
4 One minute, Ten minute, hourly data (ASCII) -per year 62,500 31,250 1,250
5 Climatological monthly average (kWh/m2 /d) GHI, DNI & DHI data set for one co-ordinate/grid code (3x3 km spatial resolution) based on 16 years data - MS-Excel format 10,000 5,000 250
6 Monthly Average GHI, DNI & DHI data set for one co-ordinate/grid size (3kmX3km spatial resolution) for individual 16 years - MS-Excel format 10,000 5,000 250

* GST at the rate of 18%

Step 1: Data request

The applicant needs to send the copy of filled in data request form along with the GST certificate (Click here to download) through email/post to Wind Resource Assessment (WRA)

Director & Division Head
Wind Resource Assessment (WRA)
National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE)
(Formerly known as " Centre for Wind Energy Technology " under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy), Government of India
Velachery - Tambaram Main Road,
Pallikaranai, Chennai - 600 100
E-Mail ID: ,
Phone No: 91-44-22463993 / 9445798004

Step 2: Data Availablity Report

After receiving the data request from the applicant, the data availability report along with processing fee will be communicated to the applicant within 5 working days by NIWE.

Step 3: Payment

After going through the data availability report and costing, If the applicant is interested to purchase the data, the applicant can make full payment in advance [ click here to download the payment document]. After making necessary payment, a copy of payment confirmation shall be sent to Director and Division Head, Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) [] with CC to Additional Director & Division Head, Finance & Administration []

Step 4: Download data

After receipt of full payment in advance, the Raw time series data, as per the data availability report would be shared to the Applicant through a dedicated Email/FTP with username and password within 5 working days. The access credentials will be shared to the applicant’s Email.