National RE camp at Kayathar for Designing of Small Wind Turbine

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Report of the Sixth Event
National RE camp at Kayathar for Designing of Small Wind Turbine

NIWE with the support of MNRE has scheduled eight events (each event are scheduled for a week duration) to commemorate the 75 years of India's Independence (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav).

The sixth event, National RE Camp at Kayathar for Designing of Small Wind Turbine (students will be asked to construct a small wind turbine) held during 28th March to 02nd April 2022 was conducted successfully.

The announcement about the event along with the instructions and venue were hosted on NIWE website and circulated through Social Media pages along with the below given Flyer.


  1. Interested students may register on or before 18.03.2022 through the google form link
  2. The registration is free.
  3. The selected students will have to reach WTRS, Kayathar, Tamil Nadu.
  4. The students have to make own arrangement for transportation, accommodation and food.
  5. Lunch and refreshments will be served by NIWE.
  6. Certificate will be provided to the participants.


Against the announcement, 144 registrations received and 37 participants were selected among them under first come first serve basis and all the selected participants have attended the camp at Kayathar.

Programme Schedule

The camp were scheduled as per the following programme.

S.No Date Time Activity
1 28.03.2022 and 02.04.2022 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM Registration
About NIWE
Introduction to Wind Energy
Introduction to Small Wind Turbine
How to build a Small Wind Turbine
Hands on Training on the following area :
  • Build Winding Mould
  • Carve Blades
  • Moulds for Rotor & Stator
  • Assemble Stator Winding
  • Align Rotor, Stator & begin Turbine Assembly
  • Assemble Turbine, Balance and Calibration
  • Final Calibration, Static Balance & Wiring
  • Electrical Testing of Turbine
  • Tower erection and commissioning
  • Testing of assemble Turbine

The main objective of the camp was to provide practical training to the student participants as to how to design a small wind turbines on their own. And also taught O&M and installation & commissioning of small wind turbines.

NIWE arranged the special expert Mr. Jorge Ayarza, Engineer and Founder of Minvayu, Auroville, Tamil Nadu along with NIWE Engineers to train the participants, who has years of experience and knowledge in designing of small wind turbine with locally available low cost materials. Practical sessions were also conducted as part of the programme.

The participants themselves had designed the parts / components of the Small Wind Turbines. All the participants had shown tireless interest in the manufacturing session and had designed and completed the Small Wind Turbine. This was a good opportunity for the participants to increase their self-reliance to design, construct their own turbines, using locally available materials and run their own business serving their respective villages/areas.

Dr. K. Balaraman, Director General of NIWE delivered the Valedictory address after the welcome address by Dr. P. Kanagavel, Director & Division Head, SDT & IM virtually. Few participants came forward to share their feedback and they were very much interested to construct the small wind turbine for their own use when they go back to home. Mr. Jorge Ayarza distributed the Course Certificates to the participants after the virtual programme.

The structure and organization of RE camp was highly appreciated by the participants. The participants were very much satisfied by the quality of hands-on-training they got from the training and expressed very grateful to NIWE for arranging the free RE camp under the programme of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Gallery of the RE Camp at Kayathar
Introduction for Small Wind Turbine Fabrication Explaining about the Grid connected wind turbine Explaining procedure for Erection of SWT Tower Description of the blade specification
Explaining about manufacturing of wooden blade Student fabricating the wooden blade Student fabricating the wooden blade Polishing the wooden blade
Explaining the aerodynamic concept Stator coil winding by the students Stator coil winding by the students Preparing the stator template
Assembling the Stator Coil Assembling the Rotor blade Assembling the Rotor and Generator Verification of the Small Wind Turbine Output
Erection of the Small Wind Turbine Assembled Rotor done by the students at the camp
Valedictory Glimpse
Certificate Distribution
Group Photo of the students in front of the WTTS, NIWE, kayathar Campus