Online Training Program on Solar Energy - Brief Report

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          The program on Launching of Online Training Program for Solar Photovoltaic Design & Installation and Workshop on Utilization of Solar - Wind Energy for Specific Institutions" was held on 13.12.2016 at the conference hall of National institute of wind Energy, Chennai. The event was organized jointly by NIWE and iacahrya Silicon Limited (ISL), Chennai. Eleven participants, mainly from the professional colleges in and around Chennai were participated in the program other than NIWE officials. The Programme began with the Welcome address by Dr. G. Giridhar, DDG, NIWE, followed by Special address by Sri. D. Lakshman, DDG, NIWE. Dr.P. Saxsena, Chief Executive Officer, Skill Council for Green Jobs, Government of India, New Delhi and Prof. N. Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor, Periyar Maniammai University, Thanjavur have blessed the occasion by their excellent speeches through Skype call. Dr.S. Gomathinayagam, Director General, NIWE made the inaugural address and officially launched the on line training progrmme for Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation.After the official launching of the training programme Dr. S. Gomathinayagam, Director General, NIWE, Chennai made a presentation on Application of Wind Solar Hybrid Systems for specific Institutions followed by another presentation by Shri. R. Karthik, CEO, Iacharya Siliacon Pvt Limited, Chennai on Applications of Solar Energy Technologies for specific Institutions. Thereafter there was active interaction by the participants. The participating institutions requested to share the students data base to enable the program to reach vide audience or it is also requested the link will be given to the institutions to enable them to pass on the information through wider audience to social India. Anybody interested in participating the online training can logon to for more information. The course is currently being offered in Hindi and English and is priced at Rs. 599/-. Successful candidates will receive a joint certificate from MNRE and Iacharya.