Scaling up of Renewables (Wind & Solar) Generation with focus on Policy Initiatives

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International Workshop on
Scaling up of Renewables (Wind & Solar) Generation with focus on Policy Initiatives
Specially for BIMSTEC countries
31st March - 6th April 2020

Renewable Energy in particular Wind and Solar has become mainstay in meeting energy needs having achieved grid parity in term of costs as well as technical requirement. With the raising concerns on climate change, countries are under pressure to turn renewable energy sources and reduce CO2 emissions. The installed capacity of Renewable Power has reached over 2000 GW including Hydro and proved as successful energy option. The wind and solar energy available potential is huge and can meet the world’s total energy demand easily but only very few countries optimally utilizing this environmentally friendly energy resources in large scale due to shortage of skilled human power. The workshop is proposed to address this issue.

India, over the years, has been a trend-setting nation with regards to wind & solar power utilization. The Indian wind & solar energy programme has been very successful in commercializing and it is interesting to note that India stands fourth in world in terms of installed wind power capacity with 36 GW and fifth in solar PV with 33 GW power installed capacity as on date. India is having an ambitious target of 175 GW from Renewable Energy by the year 2022, out of which 100 GW from Solar and 60 GW from Wind.

Brief about NIWE

National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), formerly Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) was established at Chennai in 1998 by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, New Delhi to cater for all scientific and technological needs of the vibrant and wind based renewable energy sector. One of the Charters of this institute is to provide training and empower scientists and technologists with right kind of knowledge base.

NIWE is emerging as a premier institute of its kind in the South East Asia perhaps in developing countries, it is NIWE’s responsibility to speed up wind and solar energy development not only in the country but also in neighbouring region. As part of such activities, NIWE has been conducting National and International training programs and has already successfully organized 40 International Training Course and 32 National Training courses. Through its training, 855 international participants from 98 countries and 1399 participants across India had participated and got benefitted. NIWE is the technical focal point for the development of wind energy in the country and is also does Solar Resource Assessment and RE forecasting. With vast experience in conducting training courses, it is worthy effort that NIWE can incorporate lessons learned from its own experience and foster wind and solar energy developments across the country and other geographical sub-regions. With this context, a one week International Workshop on "Scaling up of Renewables (Wind and Solar) Generation with the focus on Policy Initiatives" for the benefit of The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) Member Countries is proposed to address all aspects of wind and solar energy starting from introduction to wind & solar energy, evolution & developments, investment techniques of wind & solar farms, policies and supportive schemes, economical analysis of wind & solar projects in a focused manner with field visit and factories towards scaling up of renewables (wind and solar) generation. NIWE with its pre-eminent position has all the knowledge and facility to undertake such an important task.


The objective / aim of this workshop is to transfer knowledge and special skills related to wind and solar energy to the senior level officials from BIMSTEC Member Countries. Moreover, the workshop provides an invaluable platform for dialogue and open exchange of views and experiences. The participants will also get an exposure to the operating wind and solar farms and manufacturing facilities etc.

The Programme

The workshop duration will be 7 days from 31st March to 6th April 2020.


The venue for the programme will be the Conference Hall of National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai, India.

Training Methodology
  1. Class room lectures including exercises and case studies to stimulate active participation and dialogue.
  2. Panel discussions on the thrust areas of wind and solar power
  3. Meet with wind and solar stakeholders
  4. Study visits to operating wind and solar farms and manufacturing facilities to enhance effective transfer of knowledge.
Resource Persons

The resource persons for this workshop will be NIWE engineers, industry professionals, academicians and other national experts who have significantly contributed for wind and solar energy development in the country.


Degree in any subjects, Diploma / Engineering holders with working knowledge of English with brief exposure in wind and solar energy sectors.

Target Participants

Senior level officials from BIMSTEC Member Countries are eligible to participate in the workshop. The workshop is useful for the following personnel’s;

  1. Government officials
  2. Researchers
  3. Professors
  4. Engineers
  5. Manufactures
  6. Consultants
  7. Investors / Developers
Course Syllabus

The content for the workshop has been carefully thoughtout syllabus with specific subject experts giving lectures and going through specific case studies such that, at the end of the workshop, considerable useful knowledge transfer is perceived.

The workshop will address the following aspects:

  1. Introduction to Wind and Solar Energy
  2. Evolution & Developments of Wind and Solar Technology
  3. Technical aspects of Wind and Solar Power plants
  4. Investment and financial analysis of Wind and Solar Farms
  5. Testing, Certification and Grid regulation compliance mechanisms for scaling up of Renewable energy sources (wind and solar)
  6. Policies and Supportive Schemes
  7. Economic Analysis of Wind and Solar Power Development
  8. Field & Factory Visits to
    1. Wind and Solar equipment Manufacturing Factory
    2. Operating Wind and Solar farms
    3. Meeting with Wind and Solar Stockholders
Course Fee

There is NO COURSE FEE and is fully funded by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India under ITEC programme. The funding includes to and fro air fare, local travels, accommodation, living allowance and book allowance. Accommodation provided will be of international standards.

Reason to Attend

The workshop will offer a good foundation on the principles of engineering behind wind and solar energy technology and power generation & distribution along with financial viability and entrepreneur opportunities. The workshop would facilitate an invaluable forum for dialogue and open exchange of views and experiences with Indian scientists and professionals. The workshop would give a picture of complete know-how and pave the way to go about setting up financially viable wind and solar projects.

How to Apply?
  1. Those who are interested to apply for this Training Course are required to visit the website
  2. Click on the NEW USER for filling up the online application form. It will take you to the streams to be chosen where you have to choose ’Environmental and Renewable Energy Course’ and then select ’National Institute of Wind Energy’.
  3. It will take you to the institute page where you have to click on the ’apply’ link provided in International Workshop Scaling up of Renewables (Wind and Solar) Generation with focus on Policy Initiatives and follow the instructions.

Applicants are required to apply for ITEC training programme by filling up the online application form and take a print out of filled form. This form is to be submitted to the nodal / designated Government Department / Agency of applicant’s country. The Nodal / designated Department / Agency is, in turn, required to forward the applications to the Embassy / High Commission of India, accredited / concurrently accredited to the nominating country along with undertaking by candidate and certification from employer (Part-II of Application Form). Candidates may check the status of their application by logging-in at the credentials for log-in may be noted while filling up the application form.

Course Coordinator

Dr. P. Kanagavel
Director & Head
Skill Development and Training (SDT) Division
National Institute of Wind Energy
Velachery - Tambaram Main Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai - 600 100, Tamil Nadu
Ph: +91-44-2246 3982, +91-44-2246 3983, +91-44-2246 3984, +91-44-2246 3994 (Direct)
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