Online International Training Course on Wind Energy Technology

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Online International Training Course on Wind Energy Technology
22nd November to 3rd December 2021

Renewable Energy in particular Wind and Solar has become mainstay in meeting energy needs having achieved grid parity in term of costs as well as technical requirement. The wind energy has proved a highly successful energy option with installation of over 743 GW worldwide by the end of December 2020. It is estimated that viable wind power potential across globe is 72 TW, which is five times more than the current World’s total energy demand. The major wind generator installation is in USA, some of the European countries and Asian countries like China and India and other countries catching up with the rest. Lack of skilled human resource has been one of the main barriers that hinders wind and other renewable energy integration.

The National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India has pioneered in promoting wind energy and has contributed for promotion of wind energy as one of the primary energy sources in India. Decades of concerted efforts have started to yield gratifying results and today, Wind power contributes 10.6% (39247.05 MW) of the total Indian energy mix of 382 GW and stands fourth in the world in terms of installed wind power capacity as on March 2021. With this vast experi-ence, we have an obligation to disseminate the knowledge learnt to foster growth of wind energy across globe. In this context, a ten days Online International Training Course is scheduled by NIWE under e-ITEC programme sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India. NIWE has so far trained more than 2600 professionals from 98 countries by conducting 45 national and 39 international training courses.

Course Syllabus

The course content for the training has been carefully thought out syllabus with specific subject experts giving lectures and going through specific case studies such that, at the end of the course considerable useful knowledge transfer is perceived.

The course will address the following aspects:

  • Wind energy conversion technology and power generation
  • Wind turbine technology and developments
  • Design of wind turbines
  • Wind turbine components
  • Wind resource assessment and techniques
  • Planning including design of wind farms
  • Wind farm developments and feasibility study
  • Pre-Investment study and cost benefit analysis
  • Installation and commissioning of wind turbines
  • Post installation activities - Grid integration
  • & M aspects of wind farms
  • Testing & Certification of wind turbines
  • Small wind turbine and hybrid systems
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Policies, schemes and legal frameworks
  • The prime objective is to transfer knowledge and special skills to the international participants on wind energy.
  • To build skilled human resource so that there will be advancement of wind energy in the participating country.
  • To provide an invaluable platform for exchange of professional experiences among diverse participants.
  • To leverage the research that continues to shape this rapidly evolving discipline.
Training Methodology
  1. Online lectures and case studies to stimulate active participation and dialogue.
  2. Assessment tests will conduct to enhance effective transfer of knowledge.
Resource Persons

The resource persons for this training course will be NIWE engineers, industry professionals, academicians and other national experts who have significantly contributed for wind energy development in the country.

The Programme

The course duration will be 10 days from 22nd November to 3rd December 2021.


The venue for the programme will be the online platform through video conferencing facility [Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)].

Target Participants

The course will be useful for anyone involved in wind energy or those who are looking for an introduction. Persons from the following fields will find this course very relevant.

  • Academic and R & D Institutions
  • Power Industry
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers and Distributors
  • Utilities
  • Consultants
  • Project Developers
  • Government Organization
  • NGO's and Green Engineers
Reason to Attend

The online programme will offer a good foundation on the principles of engineering behind wind energy technology and power generation & distribution along with financial viability and entrepreneur opportunities. The course would give a picture of complete know-how and pave the way to go about setting up financially viable wind farm projects. Participants after attending the programme will have the complete overview about wind and its technology as well as Indian wind power development, which will enlighten the participants to know about the wind sector, potential and job availability as well as the government schemes, policies and supports. This online course will boost the participant’s interest working towards wind energy sector and will create the required skilled / trained man power for fostering the growth of wind power sector.

  1. Applicants should be from any one of the ITEC countries. List of ITEC countries can be found in
  2. Diploma or Degree in any Science or Engineering streams with good knowledge in English.
  3. Age should be between 25 to 45 years.
Course Fee

There is NO COURSE FEE and is fully funded by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India under e-ITEC programme.

How to Apply?
  1. Those who are interested to apply for this Training Course are required to visit the website
  2. Click on the E-ITEC/ITEC ONSITE, choose ‘Apply Now’ for filling up the online application form. It will take you to the streams to be chosen where you have to choose ’Environment and Climate Change’ and then select ’National Institute of Wind Energy’.
  3. It will take you to the institute page where you have to click on the ’apply’ link provided in Online International Training Course on Wind Energy Technology and follow the instructions.
  4. Or simply click here , it will take you directly to the ‘Apply link’ page.
Course Coordinator

Director and Head
Skill Development and Training Division (SDT)
National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE)
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