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Energy from wind holds high promise in India as a Renewable energy source that can supplement grid power generation. To help develop and accelerate the pace of utilization of wind energy in the country, the New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) set up the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) in Chennai as an autonomous institution of the Government of India. A Wind Turbine Test Station with technical and partial financial support by DANIDA, Government of Denmark, was established at Kayathar, in Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu, as an integral part of the Centre. NIWE is envisioned to serve as a technical focal point of excellence to foster the development of wind energy in the country.


To act as a technical focal point and provide total solutions in the area of wind energy technologies to all stake-holders in the wind sector.


NIWE, a knowledge-based institution of high quality and dedication, offers services and seeks to find total solutions for the major stakeholders across the entire spectrum of the wind energy sector. It will support the wind turbine industry in achieving and sustaining quality, such that products of the highest quality and reliability are installed, harnessing all energy available in the wind. NIWE will strongly support the wind turbine industry in developing the know how and know-why, and to promote export of products and services to other countries.

  • To serve as the technical focal point for wind power development in India, for promoting and accelerating the pace of utilization of wind energy and support the growing wind power sector in the country.
  • To develop and strengthen the facilities and capabilities, evolve strategies, promote, conduct, coordinate and support research and development programmes to achieve and maintain reliable and cost-effective technology in wind power systems.
  • To analyze and assess wind resources based on the data available from various sources and prepare wind energy density maps/wind atlas/reference wind data.
  • To prepare and establish standards including guidelines, procedures, protocols for design, testing and certification of wind power systems, subsystems and components, taking into consideration the Indian conditions and in line with internationally recommended practices and standards and update the same based on the feedback.
  • To establish world class facilities, conduct and coordinate testing of complete wind power systems, subsystems and components according to internationally accepted test procedures and criteria, whereby the total performance such as power performance, power quality, noise level, dynamics, and operation and safety systems are tested according to agreed protocols.
  • To accord type approval/type certification, which verifies conformity with safety related requirements as per standards, guidelines and other rules for design, operation and maintenance, as well as adequate documentation of quality issues such as power performance, noise, life expectancy and reliability.
  • To monitor the field performance of wind power systems, sub-systems and components, effectively utilize this feedback for fulfillment of the above objective and issue of certification, establish and update the data bank on a continuous basis, and serve as information centre for selective dissemination.
  • To undertake Human Resource Development programmes for personnel working in the wind energy sector.
  • To promote commercial exploitation of knowhow and know-why results and offer various consultancy services to the customers.
  • To promote the development and commercialization of any other wind energy systems including stand-alone systems.
Management Structure

The Governing Council (GC), consisting of 12 members appointed by the Government of India, is the highest policymaking body of NIWE, to provide direction and advice. The Governing Council is assisted by the Management Committee, Finance Committee, and Research and Development Council.

The Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, is the ex-officio President of the Society and also ex-officio Chairman of the Governing Council.

The affairs of the Society are managed and administered in accordance with the Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Regulations of the Society approved by the Government of India.

The Director General is the executive head and is assisted by division heads.

Organization Chart:

Organizational Structure and Services Offered

NIWE comprises interactive divisions that offer total and integrated solutions to its clients and users in the wind energy sector. These are listed below:

Research and Development
  • Supports multi institutional research on wind energy
Certification & Information Technology
  • Type certification of wind turbines based on IS/IEC 61400-22
  • Project certification for Wind farms
  • Safety & Performance Assessment
  • Wind Turbine Failure Assessment
  • IT Services.
  • Technical support services to the organization.
Testing, Standards & Regulation
  • Safety and function tests
  • Yaw efficiency test
  • Power Performance Measurements
  • Load Measurements
  • Performance testing of small wind turbines
  • Standardization works in wind Energy Sector
  • Facilitation for Grid Synchronization of Prototype of wind turbines
  • Revised list of Models and Manufactures of wind turbines
Wind Resource Assessment
  • Providing measurement campaign management, assisting clients in the Installation and monitoring of meteorological masts, LIDAR and SODAR stations
  • Analysis of Data with sophisticated software tools and techniques
  • Empanelment of Small Wind Turbine manufacturers
  • Turbine array layout design, optimization and Produce bankable P50, P75, and P90 yield predictions (gross/net Predictions, uncertainty analyses, etc.)
  • Analysis of existing wind farm operations
  • Acoustic Noise measurement
  • Solar Radiation Resource Assessment
  • Measurement of critical parameters for the development of solar power projects like GHI, DNI, DHI and meteorological parameters
  • Investor and bankable grade data on solar resources
  • Data quality checks based on BSRN protocol
  • Calibration of solar sensors

As per Internationally accepted procedures and stipulations for

  • Allied Wind / Solar resource Data analytics services viz., Data Cleaning, Pre / Post processing of data, Data Management System with customized dashboard as per customer's requirement.
  • Exploratory Data analysis and report preparation as per customer's requirement
  • Wind/Solar power operational forecast system to predict wind/solar upto 7-day-ahead. Provision of intraday revision as per the CERC norms.

Provide complete solutions for :-

  • Provide Project Management Consultant (PMC) services for establishing the wind farm projects.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for Wind Farm Project and it would contain the following Layout of wind farm, production, estimate, details of civil engineering and electrical work, project implementation plan and project cost analysis.
  • Pre-feasibly study for wind farming projects (Micro survey).
  • Provide Micro-siting services
  • Data collection, management, quality control and wind energy resource reporting
  • Due diligence.
  • Preparation & vetting of detailed project reports
  • Wind Farm Planning.
  • Assist in all its wind farming projects in (a) Site evaluation and (b) verifying generation estimates.
  • Preparation of Tender Document.
  • As an experienced Institute in the discipline of Wind Energy Turbine / Wind resource and Assessment, helping in the evaluation of tender document work.
  • Large scale scanning using state-of-the-art tools
  • Design and implement comprehensive resource assessment programmes
  • Co-ordinate applied research related to wind resource
  • Consultancy projects and training in HR development

The services are certified as per the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and accredited as per the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005

Skill Development & Training

National, International and Customized Training for various types of clients on :

  • Wind Turbine / Solar Technology
  • Wind / Solar Resource Measurement & Analysis
  • Wind Resource Modelling Techniques
  • Wind Speed Statistics / Solar irradiation and Energy Calculations
  • Micro-siting and Layout of wind / solar farms
  • Design and Safety requirements as per standards as per standards
  • Wind Turbines Testing
  • O& M practices
Finance & Administration

Department serving as the artery connecting Scientific divisions of Wind Technology & Solar Resources with Management.

  • Budget & Revised Estimates for grants-in-aid, Allocation & re-appropriation of funds, Expenditure management & budget control, Project financial management.
  • Statutory compliances on Service Tax and Income Tax etc., Dealing with audits, Drawing up balance sheet, Laying of audited accounts on the table of Parliament.
  • Framing of Rules, Schemes and Grievance Redressal, Contract Management, Legal issues, Court Cases & RTI , Recruitment , Promotion And upgradations.
  • Statutory compliances on EPF, Gratuity, Contract Labour, Societies Registration, Bills of Establishment, Facility Management, Activities related to Official Language. Maintenance of Vehicle, Security and Housekeeping.
  • Stores & Purchase section is committed to organize procurement of items required for projects of the Institute in time, at competitive rates consistent with requirement, finance available and in a transparent manner. Procurements (Indigenous & Imports) & Service Contracts.