IREDA-NIWE Annual Awards for Wind Energy 2020

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IREDA-NIWE Annual Awards for Wind Energy 2020

The National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) in association with Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), New Delhi has instituted “IREDA-NIWE Annual Awards for Wind Energy” to promote innovation, research & development, manufacturing, developing & harnessing Wind Energy at the State and National levels and to motivate individuals / companies to strive to perform better in the field. The Award is being issued since 2018.

NIWE is happy to announce the "call for nomination” for the third consecutive year of “IREDA-NIWE Annual Awards for Wind Energy 2020".

Categories of Awards

The awards are considered broadly in the following categories to recognize, celebrate and reward achievement and excellences in:

  1. Best Projects

    IREDA-NIWE Award for Best Performing State Nodal Agencies for the Year 2018-19.

  2. Innovative Technology / New Initiative / Mechanism

    IREDA-NIWE Award for Best Institution of Higher Learning in Wind Energy for the Year 2018-19.

  3. Research& Development

    >IREDA-NIWE Award for Best Research Work in Wind Energy for the Year 2018-19

Presentation of Awards

"As per the directives of Government to avoid the large gathering in connection with the Outbreak of COVID - 19, the Award Ceremony of 'IREDA-NIWE Annual Awards for Wind Energy 2020' scheduled on 21st March 2020 is postponed to the later date. The new date will be announced soon".

The awards shall be presented in a function generally chaired by the Hon'ble Minister, MNRE or senior Official from the Ministry and attended by prominent people from Media to be held at NIWE, Chennai or New Delhi or any other place conveniently selected. Each award would comprise of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) along with Citation.

Administration of the Awards

The award will be administered by NIWE through suitable Committees constituted for the purpose. The Director General, NIWE will constitute the committees in consultation with IREDA and MNRE.


The nomination is free and there is no Registration Fee. Nomination shall be made in the prescribed format along with all supportive documents and the same must reach NIWE on or before 15th February 2020. The soft copy of the nomination is also to be sent to the email id:

  • The Application form can be downloaded from NIWE / IREDA website or obtainable from NIWE.
  • Applications / nominations submitted after the prescribed time limit (15th February 2020) will not be considered for scrutinization. In rare case, with the genuine reason(s) may be reconsidered with due approval.
  • The applications / nominations are to be forwarded through proper channel and with endorsement of the competent authority or the designated authority.
  • Applications / nominations may only be nominated once. If no outstanding entries have been received, no award will be awarded for the year.
Scrutinization of Applications/Nominations

A separate Screening Committee is formed every year consisting of relevant officials / scientists to check the required documentary proof and relevance of applications. The screening will be done during February 2020.

Selection Methodology
  • The awardee(s) will be selected by Jury Committee constituted for this purpose by NIWE, comprising of 3-5 Senior Members from Government Organizations, Academic Institutions, Media and Financial Sectors for the evaluation and selection of the Awardee and to ensure that the winning entries are truly outstanding and worthy to receiving the Award.
  • Where ever necessary, the Jury / Screening Committee may invite non-member experts for advice and evaluation.
  • Applications are considered only if the eligibility criteria are satisfied.
  • The Screening Committee / Jury will review all nominations carefully.
  • The Committee will ensure the nomination package demonstrates contributions in the selection criteria of the appropriate award category.
  • The recommendation of the Jury Committee will be handed over immediately after the meeting, by the Convener, in a sealed envelope addressed to the DG, NIWE.
  • DG, NIWE after scrutinizing the genuineness of the recommendations and will accord approval for the selection in consultation with IREDA and MNRE authorities.
  • The recommendations and subsequent decisions will remain confidential until the chosen awardees are notified / invited by the Competent Authority of NIWE.
  • NIWE will send invitation and communication to the selected nominee(s).
  • NIWE reserves all the rights to final selection of the Awardee(s). No appeal or protest in this regard would be entertained.
  • It is not necessary for a nominee to have participated / taken part in each of the activities given above.
  • The award would comprise a Citation and Rs.1,00,000/- and the awardee has to take care of his / her travel and hospitality expenses from his / her work place to NIWE or the place of Award function and return.
Evaluation Criteria

The criteria will be decided by the Jury Committee based on the following

IREDA-NIWE Award for Best Performing State Nodal Agencies for the Year :

The Nodal agency which has shown huge development in implementing renewable energy projects across the state and produced higher capacity of energy for that particular year.

IREDA-NIWE Award for Best Institution of Higher Learning in Wind Energy :

The institution those who are conducting programmes such as Certificate or Diploma or bachelor or master level degree in wind energy and introduced innovative technology / new initiatives / mechanism in the learning process during the eligible year. The institution which has conducted conferences / seminars / workshops / trainings with higher number of participants towards Wind energy development and created forum for the students to learn wind energy. The institution who has created required / relevant infrastructure i.e., Laboratory with required equipment’s and software and also the training or skilled manpower to support the programmes.

IREDA-NIWE Award for Best Research Work in Wind Energy :

The Individual / Institution which has conducted good research in wind and its applied areas and published papers in the peer reviewed national and international journals. The Individual / Institution which has taken up useful and fruitful research initiatives and produced effective outcome during the eligible year.


The scrutinization of every nomination and result of the award will be treated as confidential and it will be strictly adhere to.