Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav - 2022-23 to commemorate the 75 years of progressive Independent India

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Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) – 2022-23

to commemorate the 75 Years of progressive Independent India

Events Schedule

NIWE with the support of MNRE has scheduled sixteen (16) events for Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav to commemorate the 75 years of progressive Independent India.

S.No Dates Topic
1 28th October 2022 (Friday) Webinar on “Sustainable Energy” by Dr. K. BALARAMAN, Director General, NIWE (REPORT)
2 11th November 2022 (Friday) Webinar on “International Standards on Wind Turbines” by Mr. A. SENTHILKUMAR, Director & Division Head, Standards and Regulation (S&R), NIWE (REPORT)
3 19th - 23rd December 2022 (One week) RE Camp at Kayathar for ITI / Diploma Students (one week) (REPORT)
4 02nd December 2022 (Friday) Webinar on “Type Certification of Wind Turbines” by Mr.S.A. MATHEW, Director & Division Head, Certification, NIWE (REPORT)
5 7th December 2022 (Wednesday) Webinar on “Wind Turbine Testing & Measurement Techniques” by Mr. J.C. DAVID SOLOMON, Director and Division Head, Measurement & Testing, NIWE (REPORT)
6 06th - 10th February 2023 (One week) RE Camp at Kayathar for Engineering Graduate Students (one week) (REPORT)
7 27thJanuary 2023 (Wednesday) Webinar on "Wind Resource Assessment" by Dr. K. BOOPATHI, Director & Division Head, Offshore Wind Development, Data Analytics, Forecasting & Information Technology (OWD,DAF & IT), NIWE (REPORT)
8 15th February 2023 (Wednesday) Webinar on “Design and Layout of Wind Farms” by Mr. J. BASTIN, Deputy Director (Technical) & Unit Chief, Data Analytics, NIWE (REPORT)
9 15th March 2023 (Friday)
28th July 2023 (Friday)
Technical paper presentation pertaining to Wind Energy for Post-Graduate Engineering Students (Postponed to 28th July 2023)
10 12th April 2023 (Wednesday) Webinar on “Grid Integration of Renewable Energy” by Ms. DEEPA KURUP, Additional Director & Division Head (RE-Grid Integration) & Division Head (In-charge) (R&D), NIWE
11 28th April 2023 (Friday) Awareness Programme on Wind Energy for School Teachers
12 10th May 2023 (Wednesday) Webinar on “Offshore Wind Energy” By Dr. RAJESH KATYAL, Director General (Additional Charge), NIWE
13 26th May 2023 (Friday) Interactive session with Wind Industry Experts
14 23rd June 2023 (Friday) Webinar on “Forecasting of Renewable Energy Production” By Mr. A.G. RANGARAJ, Deputy Director (Technical) & Unit Chief, Forecasting & Information Technology, NIWE
15 12th July 2023 (Wednesday) Webinar on “Research Opportunities in Wind Energy” by Ms. M.C.LAVANYA, Deputy Director (Technical), & Unit Chief (R&D), NIWE
16 21st July 2023 (Friday) Webinar on “Skill Development and Reskilling for Wind Sector” by Dr. P. KANAGAVEL, Director and Division Head Skill Development & Training (SDT) & IM, NIWE