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The monitored wind data at a location in the case of homogeneous terrain can be extended to a certain distance. Thus it is possible to predict wind climatology around a station using Reference station data in conjunction with appropriate models. This will result in the micro survey of wind resource around a station. 97 stations micro survey has been conducted and the reports are available for sale. Click here for availability of Micro Survey Reports

State-wise List of Wind Monitoring Stations for which Micro Survey has been done is as follows+
1Andhra Pradesh11
5Madhya Pradesh5
9Tamil Nadu19
10West Bengal1
MicroSiting +

By conducting a micro survey around a station the known windy locations around the site can be earmarked. However this is always general information and for locating and siting wind turbines at any identified location is to be further microsited considering the topography, contour, roughness etc. Thus for commissioning wind farms at any location micrositing is required. The NIWE under takes such works.

Detailed project report for wind farms+

Prior to the commissioning of a wind farm at any location a detailed project report has to be prepared. This will carry all the details like the wind resource, configuration of wind turbine, annual energy production, required civil and electrical works and finally the economic viability of the project. NIWE undertakes such projects.

Time Series data+

NIWE has commissioned so far 915 wind monitoring stations in the country. From these stations one or more years data is available and can be obtained from NIWE. Two different formats are available and these are priced at Rs.15,000 for Second Wind data and Rs.20,000 for NRG data for one year from a station(GST will be levied as per rule).